Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Everyone can't live in Dry Creek

Thanks for visiting the Dry Creek blog. As you know, Dry Creek is a small town in rural Montana where the sky is big and the people are scarce. I grew up in a town like that (our whole zip code still only has 783 people in it - that's men, women, and children). But I currently live in Pasadena, which is right next to Los Angeles. My whole life has been a push and pull between the country and the city.

So, it's not surprising that my Other Series (the one that is not Dry Creek) is set smack in the middle of Old Town Pasadena. This month the last book in the series, A Dropped Stitches Wedding, is hitting the shelves and I have to say that the community that readers love about Dry Creek can also be found in a small cafe in Old Town called The Pews (there really is a street-front restaurant in Old Town that has booths made out of church pews - which is what gave me the idea for the name).

I'm convinced that we can find community no matter where we live. I hope you have found that to be true in your life. Leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. Janet,
    Your new blog is great! I love the peaceful simplicity of the design. Plus, I am a small town girl myself. My town has a population of about 500 people.

  2. Oh, Kara Lynn -- So glad you came to visit. I'm a small town girl at heart, too (at least half of my heart LOL).