Friday, August 14, 2009

Going Home Again

"A Match Made for Dry Creek." is one of my favorites in the Dry Creek series because the heroine comes home after living away for many years. Whether or not one can really go home again is the question of many great books. Have you ever tried it?
I've 'gone home again' myself these days (at least partially)-- planning to spend half of my months on my family's farm in Montana so I can be close to my parents (84 years old soon, both of them) and the other half of my time in my home in Pasadena, CA. I must say I am enjoying the wide open spaces of Montana. And the sky at sunset is beautiful.
Because I grew up in this Montana community, I know many of the people around here still (and it's great). In fact, "A Match Made for Dry Creek" talks about a tradition we had in the church where I went as a child (and the church I still attend when I'm here). Just seeing the church brings back so many memories.
How about you? Do you have a childhood home that you sometimes visit? Are the same places there? And the people?