Friday, November 18, 2011

Putting my books into a song

I've been giving some thought about how to capture the themes that run through my long-time Dry Creek series. As many of you know, Dry Creek is a fictious small town in the southeastern corner of Montana. I was born in that corner of the state, but my parents moved from there when it was time for me and my sister to go to school. It was so isolated there was virtually no way for us to attend school once they closed the one room school that had served the few rural families for decades. I doubt there were more than fifteen in all eight grades of that school (I would know as my mother was the teacher and she brought me to school with her in a basket of some sort. I spent the first few years of my life in that school before I actually officially attended).

In any event, even though my family moved to a more prosperous part of the state, the feelings of that remote area are woven through of family's life and find their way into the stories I tell in my Dry Creek series. When it came time to do what I call 'a bigger promotion' of my books, I decided to write a song to talk about the values of that area. Fortunately, I have a good friend who was a professional musician 'in the day' and was eager to help me bring my lyrics to life. I now have a You Tube of that song. I located Depression era photos to go with the song (one of those photos is shown here). These are actual pictures taken by a US government program during the years of the depression. You can listen to part of the song here. You will need to scroll down a little until you see my name and Montana Quilting Song.Come listen to a song I wrote. Lyrics by me, music by my good friend, David White. Dpression era photos.

It's a tribute to my Dry Creek books.

The full song is available as an MP3 on Amazon under the name Denim Sky. Search for my name in the MP3 section and you will find it. I was very pleased with the way the song spoke to the values I learned in Montana as a child. Oh, and if you are so inclined, leave a comment on the song, either after the You Tube or on Amazon where you can also hear a bit of it in the MP3 section.