Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Day a Limousine Came to Dry Creek

Welcome to the Dry Creek blog.

'A Hero for Dry Creek' is one of the only books I have written where the idea came to me with an initial scene. I couldn't get the picture out of my mind of a farm woman looking out her kitchen window and seeing a long, stretch limo in her driveway. The farm women I know wouldn't find anything more shocking! They have cows in their driveways, stalled pick-ups, and any number of other things, but limousinses don't come to farm country. What would a woman think, I asked myself, if she saw such a limo? And what if it was dark outside and the snow was falling so she wasn't really sure what she saw?

I think the reason limousines were on my mind is because our family (my parents, sister's family, other sister, and me) had taken a trip to New York to see my nephew graduate from Westpoint. We were so proud of him! And, because there were so many of us, we decided to take a limousine around. None of us had ever been a limouiene before (or since) but we most assuredly enjoyed it for the time we had it. Ever since then I've decided we all need luxury here and there in our lives (not necessarily as pricey as a limo, but maybe a facial or even a really good cup of tea and the peace to go with it). What are the luxuries you like?


  1. Limo in Dry Creek... Hmm sounds interesting. You know your talking about continuing Dry creek talking about the cowboys so maybe one of them could fall in love with the Woman in a limo..

  2. Jessiecue -- There's a nice contrast between a limo and a cowboy's life. That has promise.

  3. I think it sounds very promising and would be very interesting to read about.

  4. I'll put it in my idea bin (just a place in my head -- I'm not organized enough to have an actual one).